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August, 2022

Members and family of the Ma'Or Foundation spent a morning volunteering at Tacoma Rescue Mission, first cleaning the family center grounds, and them making meals for the homeless.

The Ma’Or Foundation Team - Idaho

  • Cheryl Braunstein
  • Jedidiah Braunstein
  • Jeremiah Braunstein
  • Joshua Braunstein
  • Tamara Braunstein
  • Logan Pelafigue

FULLER CENTER HOUSING - Silver Valley ID branch

September/October, 2022

The Silver Valley organization operates "The Greater Blessing' program, through which those in need can apply for home repair assistance. Over Labor Day weekend, and again in mid-October Ma'Or Foundation brought a team of volunteers from the Seattle area to perform demolition, and repair work on a mobile trailer for a special needs individual who suffered a stroke and has little use of his left hand.  

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